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Full Day 360 Aerial Panorama Course - £155

This course is suitable for more experienced DJI Drone pilots who want to take their photography skills to the next level.

Please ring 01271 329025 or 07867 556233 to book this course.

360° Aerial Panoramas are both amazing and captivating.  They are viewed over 50% more than regular images on the internet, websites and social media.

360° virtual tours give you the feel of being there up high with a birds eye view where you can turn around 360° and look closely at ever detail.

360° Aerial Panoramas can be viewed on your mobile tablet or large screen, and fly to a new point by moving your finger or zoom in for a closer look.  The viewers become immersed in the experience of the 360° look around.

The course includes a full step by step workshop on the Panorama, setting, taking the images, stitching the images together and publishing the final 360 panorama on browsers and Google Maps.

The course includes an outdoor practical photography session using drones and all classroom editing.

Course material include a full workflow, all settings and stitching problem solving.

Google Maps

We show you how to add your panorama to Google Maps so that it is attached and associated with your client location, town, or city in street view pictures.

Your panorama gives great visual information and can help boost and push your client local business Google ranking to the top three for local searches.

This single benefit will pay for your 360 aerial panorama course many times over.

Pre-requisite of the course.- Litchi App on your tablet, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop on your laptop, Free version of the stitching software PTGUI loaded on your laptop

Other Items - We prefer you use your own DJI Drone, but if you do not have a DJI drone we can arrange for you to fly one of our DJI drones.




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