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One Day In-Depth Litchi Flying Course - £155

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This course is suitable for more experienced DJI Drone pilots who want to take their flying skills to the next level.


Tel: 01271 329025 or 07867 556233

Litchi is an app that you can download on to your IOS or Android tablet to fly your DJI Inspire, Phantom or Mavic.

Litchi is the go to alternative to the DJI Go and DJI Go4 app, as it offers a range of intelligent flight modes (automated flying) that is a lot more sophisticated than the DJI Go app.

We have used the Litchi app for 24 months and now much prefer it to the DJI Go and GO 4 apps, using it for over 70% of our flying.

We have developed and perfected a wide selection of exciting video shots using the Litchi app, which we teach on the course.

When you research and look on the ITunes app directory there are a number of panic reviews, “it can crash your drone” So inevitably the first question I am asked by my students is. "Can I rely on the Litchi app, is it stable".

The clear answer in our experience is you can rely on the Litchi app as much as you rely on the DJI Go App. It is very stable.

On this course we concentrate on the practical use and applications for Litchi in many different commercial video shoots.

The Litchi Mission Hub sits in the cloud and allows you to program your flight path in Google Earth on your Mac/PC before you even leave home. The missions you save on the Hub are synched across all you devices. When you arrive on site, just load the pre-programmed mission and hit Start.

The Litchi app offers five autonomous flying modes, four of which are aimed at video, Waypoint, Orbit, Track Focus and one a still images - Pano.

In the training we cover all flying modes in detail and then fly each mode.  Each student gets to create and fly missions.

One of the main benefits of Litchi is it can take a lot of the stress out of flying a specific flight path and allow the pilot to concentrate on getting the best possible video footage.

Pre-requisite of the course.  - Litchi App on your tablet

Other Items - We prefer you use your own DJI Drone, but if you do not have a DJI drone we can arrange for you to fly one of our DJI drones.

Lichi Magic Leash (Free App)

litchiThis App allows you to pair your iOS device with another mobile device running Litchi, and your DJI Phantom 3-4 or Inspire 1 will be able to follow you without having to carry the remote controller around.



Litchi Vue (Free App)



Litchi Vue allows you to stream the video from a nearby device running the "Litchi for DJI Mavic/Phantom/Inspire" app. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network (personal hotspot or external Wi-Fi router).

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