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Drone School UK Team up with Into the Blue

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The leading flying experience day company in the UK has teamed up with Drone School UK to offer experience days at six locations.

What can I expect on the day

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Sign up for drone training and learn how to fly an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle! UAVs are more commonly known as drones and they have transformed the way aerial footage for television and films is captured. No need to charter an expensive helicopter and camera crew, you can send a drone up and get fabulous images.

But to do anything like this, you need to be adept at flying a drone, which is why this drone school exists. It was founded by a group of highly-skilled professional drone pilots who all have CAA permission to fly drones for commercial gains (i.e. being paid). This drone training is designed to make you a better recreational drone pilot, give you confidence and hands-on flying of the latest drones.

Indeed, these courses will not only show you how to fly a drone, but will also tell you all about the UK rules for flying drones, as even if it is purely recreational (like these drone classes are) you need to know where is safe to fly and why. And if after your drone pilot training you’ve really caught the bug, you should have a better idea of which drone you might want to put on your birthday or Christmas list!

But one step at a time drone fans, let’s look at how this drone school aims to turn you from a first time flyer into a confident recreational drone pilot. First stop is the flight simulator. You use a real drone controller connected to a DJI drone, so all the inputs are just as they are when you fly for real.

The great thing about this part of the course is that you’ll be at ease with the real drone controls and the drone itself indoors, before it takes off for real. And indeed for the next part of your essential drone training, you’ll be heading outdoors. If you’re enrolled in Devon, you’ll have 900 acres of country house estate to play in and in Cornwall the drone flying school is at the Pavilion of the Royal Showgrounds, so again there’s plenty of space around you.

You will get to fly a selection of DJI drones during your class. The school has an impressive fleet of drones, from the compact Matrix, to the TV and film industry standard Inspire 1. Controlling the drone, being shown what you see when you fly and then progressing to more advanced techniques, is what this drone training is all about. And at the end of it all, you’ll get a great sense of achievement when you take an aerial drone selfie of you and your fellow rookie drone pilots all grinning from ear to ear!

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