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Learn to fly drones for fun

Here are the 3 most asked questions by new drone pilots:

This is the number one question as people can feel overwhelmed. We give you guidance on choosing your drone depending on your budget, skill level and factors like camera quality, ease of use and flight time.

Here's what you'll gain from watching my 3 free videos

Clear guidance on choosing the right drone for your needs and budget

Know the latest drone regulations & best practices for legal & responsible flying

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Join us at one of Drone School UK’s five recreational drone flying schools and learn to fly the latest DJI drones.


We offer the best basic drone training for beginners.

 You will feel confident flying a selection of our drones in 3 hours


Learn how to fly, operate and control a drone.

Learn the latest regulations and where you can fly a drone

3 hours

drone flying course -£96

3 hours

online drone flying course £96

Fly and learn about the latest DJI drones

DJI Mavic 2 Zoom was the latest DJI drone to be launched with professional zoom image capture at an affordable price

DJI Phantom 4 Pro makes drone flying easier and more fun than ever. Control it with a tap, automatically avoid obstacles or track your favourite subjects effortlessly to create amazing videos

Mavic 3 Classic offers powerful flight performance and a Hasselblad camera.  This drone delivers the absolute essence of aerial imaging

DJI Mini 3 Pro is the number 1 drone under  250g for aerial filming and photography.  This drone was launched in June 2022 and has changed the world of aerial filming.

Expert Instructors 

All  instructors are commercial drone pilots with permission from the CAA. 

Drone Flight Simulators

Learn to fly indoors on the DJI simulators before you fly for real.

Flying drones safely

We teach you the UK drone flying rules and techniques for safe flying. 

Flying the latest drones under and over 250g safely

Latest Course Dates for All Locations

       WINTER & SPRING TIMETABLE - Courses are shown November 2023 to April 2024.


Our half-day courses are running in all locations.  

LocationDrone SchoolDateCourse
Seale HayneDevonSaturday 18 Nov 2023Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 19 Nov 2023Half Day
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 25 Nov 2023Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSunday 26 Nov 2023Half Day
Park RoyalCheshireSaturday 16 Dec 2023Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 17 Dec 2023Half Day
Seale HayneDevonSaturday 13 Jan 2024Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 14 Jan 2024Half Day
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 20 Jan 2024Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSunday 21 Jan 2024Half Day
Park RoyalCheshireSaturday 17 Feb 2024Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 18 Feb 2024Half Day
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 24 Feb 2024Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSaturday 25 Feb 2024Half Day
Seale HayneDevonSaturday 23 Mar 2024Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 24 Mar 2024Half Day
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 30 Mar 2024Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSunday 31 Mar 2024Half Day
Park RoyalCheshireSaturday 20 Apr 2024Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 21 Apr 2024Half Day
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 27 Apr 2024Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSunday 28 Apr 2024Half Day

An Amazing Drone Flying Experience

Come on one of our popular recreational drone flying courses and fly drones safely, legally and with confidence.

Learn to fly our drones in a fun environment with relaxed and professional instruction from one of our highly trained CAA approved Drone Pilots and instructors.

Don’t worry if you are a complete beginner, only flown a drone a few times or a drone enthusiast, we are confident there will be things we can teach you that will make a real difference to how you fly and film with your drone.

We’ll show you how to control the drone, what you see on the screen while you are flying, teach you the about the UK flying rules, weather, and most importantly our techniques for safe flying.

All students get to fly on our DJI drone training simulators indoors and feel comfortable with the drone controls before venturing outside to fly for real.

See in the video how our students can fly and control a drone by the end of the course.

We will help you know where you can fly a drone and the answer two important questions:
- Should I fly here
- Can I fly here

Alternatively if you cannot make one of our face to face courses then you can book our online step by step vidoe course.

In the UK you don't need permission from the CAA to fly your drone for fun or recreation, but you must always fly safely.

Please ring 01271 329025 or 07867 556233 to book any course

Online Drone Training Courses

Here is a list of our Online Drone Training Courses.  No need to come to one of our face to face venues.

Do our online courses in the comfort of your own home at your own pace of learning.


Learn to Fly Drones for Fun

Learn how to fly, operate and control a drone safely and with confidence in three hours.
We offer the best basic online drone training for beginners, using our experience of instructing over 3,000 students to fly on face to face half-day courses.


Drone Photography – Learn & Film the Best Aerial Video Shots

How to film all of the Cinematic aerial video shots used in TV and Movies | Drone Videography -Pro Tips and Tricks

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