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Interactive Flight Simulator

DJI Flight simulator

At the start of every course you practice flying a drone on a DJI flight simulator indoors to gain confidence and improve your skills before your actual flight.

Our training starts on the DJI interactive flight simulator that gives you the lifelike experience of flying your Phantom, Mavic and Inspire drones in a safe, controlled virtual environment.

Take off and land, fly in all directions, climb to 400ft then come back down, using the actual controller you will use when you fly for real.

The simulator is connected to the actual drone and we connect the tablet and controller to a large TV screen for everyone to learn in a relaxed fun environment.

Book online or ring 01271 329025 / 07867 556233 to book any course

When you can fly the drone on the accurate simulator and your instructor is comfortable with your ability, then we go out the fly the drone that you have been practicing on for real.

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