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Course Dates for All Locations

LocationDrone SchoolDateCourse
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 19 Sept 2020Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSunday 20 Sept 2020Half Day
Seale HayneDevonSaturday 26 Sept 2020Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 27 Sept 2020Half Day
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 17 Oct 2020Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSunday 18 Oct 2020Half Day
Seale HayneDevonSaturday 24 Oct 2020Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 25 Oct 2020Half Day
Park RoyalCheshireSaturday 14 Nov 2020Half Day
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 21 Nov 2020Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSunday 22 Nov 2020Half Day
Seale HayneDevonSaturday 28 Nov 2020Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 29 Nov 2020Half Day
Cheltenham ChaseGloucestershireSaturday 09 Jan 2021Half Day
Norton ParkHampshireSunday 10 Jan 2021Half Day
Seale HayneDevonSaturday 16 Jan 2021Half Day
Stratford ManorWarwickshireSunday 17 Jan 2021Half Day

WINTER TIMETABLE - Courses are shown for September to January 2020.

Book Online or telephone 01271 329025 / 07867 556233 to book any course

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