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Did Santa bring you a DJI drone? Learn how to fly at Drone School UK

DJI Drone, Drone School UK

Did Santa Claus leave you a new DJI drone at the Christmas in 2018? Do you want to learn to fly your DJI drone safely, before you take it out flying on your own.

Now there’s a simple way to learn all the basics in 2019 before you begin capturing video or photographs, join us on a half day recreational drone training course at Drone School UK.

DJI Drone Training

Drone School UK offers fun recreational drone flying courses for DJI drones at six locations in the UK in Cheshire, Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Hampshire and Warwickshire.  Our courses run every month in 2019 for those looking to learn more about flying drones as a hobby or the start of a potential new career path.

“There’s a lot of rules for flying a DJI drone just for fun,” said Roy Horton, the experienced drone pilot who teaches the half-day course designed for hobbyists, looking to have fun with DJI drone.

“Our half day DJI Drone flying course, runs each month on Saturday or Sunday at six different locations, and over the last three years have been a great success.  Our half-day hobbyist course had about 50% of students who had never used a drone before”.

“Our courses are very popular because of the massive increase of flying drones in the United Kingdom in the last three years”.

“Before quadcopters, the model aircraft were hand built, not easy to fly and were a minority specialist hobby.  Now, a DJI drone is affordable, everyone can fly, take interesting photos and record aerial birds-eye videos, so we’re seeing a lot more in the sky”.

In the aftermath of alleged drone incidents around UK airports, the public need to learn to fly drones safely and to understand what could happen if they break the rules.

It’s important to follow UK laws and the Drone Code guidelines when it comes to flying drones, because breaking the law, which was introduced in July 2018, can now result in a heavy fine or even worse a prison sentence.

The half-day course includes a safety briefing, flying on the indoor DJI drone simulator, mastering a small indoor drone, then outside on the field to fly a selection of DJI drones, including Mavic Pro, Mavic 2, Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 1.

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DJI Tello – Small Indoor Drone

Students wanting basic drone training to fly drones for a hobby can get acclimatised to the basics they need to know once they have been on Drone School UK’s half day. But learning it all can be a shock to those who just simply think they can launch an unmanned aircraft into the sky.

“They do underestimate what is involved,” Roy Horton said. “And they are surprised when I show them all the different things they need to think about before they take a DJI drone in the air for the first time.”

The hobbyist flyer may wish to continue with training with a view to taking a CAA approved commercial drone training course called a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) to become qualified to fly drones for a career or business.

Drone School UK recommend Commercial Drone Training 5 day residential course in Devon for any student take the PfCO and earn money for flying a drone.

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