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Compare the DJI Mavic Mini and the DJI Mini 2

DJI Mavic Mini

We compare the differences between the DJI Mavic Mini and DJI Mini 2 specs into two sections Major differences and Minor differences.

In our opinion the Major Differences are key in making the decision if you should change or upgrade, if you have already bought the Mavic Mini.

If you have neither and are look at which one to buy here is the current pricing:

Model Drone Fly More Combo
DJI Mavic Mini £369 £459
DJI Mini 2 £419 £549

In our opinion it is a no brainer decision in favour of the newer DJI Mini 2 because there is only a £50 difference for the drone or £100 difference in the “Fly More Combo” price.

Major Differences

  1. Camera Spec The camera on both drones is physically the same (sensor, lens, aperture and gimbal) but the Mini 2 has 6 key software improvements:
  • Raw Photos compared to JPG photos giving more flexibility in editing
  • 4K Video compared to 2.7K
  • Max Video Bitrate of 100 Mbps compared to 40 Mbps
  • Digital Zoom 4K: 2X, 2.7K: 3x, FHD: 4x
  • AEB option to take 3 bracketed photos to produce an HDR image
  • Panorama option offering 3 different types of panorama photo.
  1. Flight Performance The DJI Mini has had a clear upgrade in the way it flies. They seem a host of minor changes:
  • Increase in top speed from 31mph to 36mph
  • More robust and rigid airframe with stronger build quality
  • Able to fly in stronger winds – max Scale 5(23.5mph) compared to scale 4 (17.9mph)
  • Upgraded motors and props.
  • Better and more reliable satellite connections

But when they are added together the cumulative result is a major improvement in performance and the way the Mini 2 flies in the wind compared to the DJI Mavic Mini.

  1. Controller The DJI Mini 2 controller is new (it is the same as the DJI Mavic Air 2). It is a larger controller with additional functions, far longer battery life and much better transmission connection and range (10km compared to 2.5km) using OcuSync 2.0 rather than Enhanced Wifi.

Where the phone goes at the top is a better viewing angle and is also easier to use without having to take your phone case off.

  1. Batteries The batteries on the DJI Mini 2 are upgraded and lighter (86g compared to 100g). Flight time has a small increase from 30 to 31 mins but the batteries are more powerful LiPo 2S compared to Li-ion 2S.

You can use the DJI Mavic Mini batteries in the new DJI Mini 2 but the Mini 2 batteries are not backward compatible with the older DJI Mavic Mini.

Minor Differences

  1. DJI Mini 2 has a Light on the front of the drone
  2. DJI Mini 2 flies quieter than the DJI Mavic Mini
  3. The Mini 2 uses the latest USBC connectors to the drone and the charging hub rather than the older standard Micro USB connectors on the DJI Mavic Mini
  4. The batteries charge quicker in the Charging Hub with the USBC connection
  5. The Mini 2 has one extra Quickshot program – Boomerang
  6. The overall weight of the Mini 2 242g compared to 249g so if you add the prop guards it stays below the 249g registration limit.
  7. In the Mini 2 Fly more Combo it includes a better new style carry case
  8. Mavic has been dropped in the product description. It is now called the DJI Mini 2 compared to DJI Mavic Mini.
  9. DJI Mini 2 has a new feature called Quick transfer allowing you to connect the drone directly to your smartphone and transfer data quickly
  10. DJI Mini 2 has a rubber Prop holder included
  11. DJI Mini 2 Props are not compatible with the DJI Mavic Mini or visa versa.

Finally because the airframes are almost identical any accessories you have bought like ND filters or prop guards are compatible and interchangeable between the two drones.

Drone School UK have bought and flown both drones on our popular half day drone flying course.  We now use the DJI Mini 2 drone regularly on our Learn to Fly a Drone face to face course and we have recorded an update on the DJI Min1 2 for our popular online drone training.


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